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How Do I Become a Mason
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 How do I become a Mason in Aviano, Italy?


A Person of any National Origin, except Italian, may petition this Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons to receive the benefits of it's Fraternal teachings. The first step is to contact the Lodge, either through this website, or through a Duly Obligated Brother of this Fraternity. The next step is to ask for, receive and complete, and return a Petition for the Mysteries of Freemasonry. The Lodge will conduct the Petition accordingly and investigate your right to join this Ancient and most Honorable craft. After a vote of confidence is taken, the Candidate will be notified of the findings.

Italian Origins


 A decision made by the Grand Orient of Italy dictates that no American Lodge within it's jurisdiction may initiate an Italian national into it's Lodge. The few Italian Brothers who call Aviano   # 643 their home were initiated before this declaration was made.



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Sojourners Welcome!

What are the Qualifications to be made a Mason?


    You must be a man, free-born, of lawful age, free from physical defects and believe in a supreme deity. You must have impeccable Integrity, a desire for Knowledge, and a wish to help your Fellow man.

 Can a Man of any Religion become a Mason?

       Yes. A Candidate for Freemasonry must only believe in a Supreme Being, not in any one particular Deity.


 I heard that you have to be asked to become a Mason..., Is that True?

       No. A Mason is not allowed to "ask" or "invite" someone to become a Mason. This is a forbidden practice and is barred by our Ancient Charge. If someone approaches you to become a Mason, they are either not a Mason or not a true Mason. This is by Virtue of our strict and most honored teachings.