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Who We Are!

Who We Are!
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Aviano Masonic Lodge 643 has a proud and rich heritage spanning 40+ years!

On this page we will tell you about ourselves.

Our Fraternity


We are a fraternity with secrets, not a secret fraternity! Masons and Masonic Lodges have been around for many years.  Charity is our work and our work continues all over the world.  No matter where you go in our world, you will more than likely find a Mason!  The fact of the matter is, a Mason could be sitting next to you and you may not know it! By design, the Masonic Fraternity makes good men better!  Builds long lasting friendships, strengthens and fortifies relationships! Personally, the growth is rewarding and refreshing, making you a better man!

Our Philosophy

To make good men better!  Making good men better is one of the best ways to understand the philosophy of a Mason and a Masonic Lodge.  Giving both due respect, the Mason and the Masonic Lodge! Being a Mason is very fulfilling! The true test of this is one you can place upon yourself at any moment!